Monday, May 4, 2015

My Little Cowboy

Aidan is a huge animal lover. He may not be the most gentle boy on the planet, but he loves our cats and dogs, and any other furry creature he comes across.

A local farm recently hosted a baby animal event, and Aidan had a chance to get up close and personal with baby bunnies, cows, chicks, and even got to ride his first pony. After seeing several kids get close to the horses and run off crying before they even got on, I was pretty sure that Aidan would just say hi to the horse, maybe sit on him for a minute, and then decide to go look at something else. Color me surprised when he sat on the horse's back and rode him around the entire corral with little assistance. To see him beaming with pride as he sat on the horse made me extremely teary.

First Pony Ride
Petting the Baby Goat

Enthusiastic over Baby Chick
It's amazing that he's almost a year old and has such a distinct personality already. He's funny and mischievous and also sensitive and can be shy. He's a huge cuddlebug, and loves anything to do with water, whether it's a faucet or the dog bowl. I can't believe how quickly these 11 months have gone by!