Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Making Things Official

It took a long time for me to feel comfortable telling people about our pregnancy. Because we’ve been through so much loss, I was afraid to let people know what was going on until later than many people announce their pregnancy. Our immediate family however, was different. Our parents knew from the first positive HPT test so they could support us either way. With friends and work colleagues, we decided to wait until after we got results from our MaterniT21 test, which is a test that detects chromosomal abnormalities, and has the added bonus of detecting gender as early as 12 weeks. Since a lot of the first trimester screening can give false positives when it comes to birth defects, we wanted to have as much assurance as possible that our baby would be healthy before telling the world our good news.

I got the call I had been anxiously awaiting while I was at work, and was so relieved to hear the doctor tell us that they were 99% sure that there were no chromosomal birth defects. I had been praying that there would be no problems, and was so relieved by the great news I almost forgot to ask about the gender. When she told me that we were having a little boy, I was thrilled! I had felt the whole pregnancy that we’d be having a boy, so I was happy my instincts were right. People would often ask me what my preference would be, and I would always reply that I’d be completely happy either way. Having a healthy baby has always been the only thing I’d ever been concerned about.
Baby Sea Otter’s First Outfit
I called Otter Pop to let him know the good news, and then we decided how we’d tell our parents. I think gender reveal parties are cute, but we’ve personally never felt that was something we’d want to do. So that option was out. My parents live out of town, and his mom who lives in town was visiting relatives, so we schemed for a while and decided that we’d get a boy outfit, then FaceTime our parents to share the news. After getting an outfit, we called his mom and tried to FaceTime her, but the call wouldn’t go through. We called and told her to FaceTime, and learned that she had an old iPhone, and so did everyone else in the house, so we couldn’t FaceTime. Foiled by first world problems! So we did the next best thing and called her while sending her a text with the photo. We waited on the phone with her for 10 minutes while this text went through, and she finally learned that she’d be having a grandson! Not the grand surprise we’d been hoping for, but we were just happy to give her the good news.
We were planning on calling my parents first since my mom had been asking if we’d had news, but learned that she had a meeting she’d be at till 10pm. At the ripe old age of 30, I’m usually in bed by then, but I fought through the sleepiness to FaceTime with my parents and let them know they were having a grandson. Boy, technology is great when you’re not able to be there in person with your family for everything.
After our families knew, we did the next most important thing: Make it Facebook official. Because news just isn’t official until it’s Facebook official. We had taken this photo at Disneyland during our anniversary trip a few weeks earlier, and since we’d gotten engaged at Disneyland, it was only right that we announce our happy news at the happiest place on earth.
How far along were you when you told people you were pregnant?

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