Monday, October 28, 2013

Decisions, Decisions...

I'm not a car person, which makes it really hard for me to decide on a new car. I love my 2011 RAV4, but I'm not a fan of the new body style. I'd love to have something a little larger than what I currently have, but not too big.

Right now I'm between the Honda Pilot and the Toyota Highlander. I don't think I can go wrong with either car, but I'd love people's opinions on what they think. I'd like something that drives well and has good cargo space in the back for my dogs (since I usually get things with my dogs as my #1 priority).

Thanks for any opinions!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

San Diego Re-Cap

I'm recovering from a whirlwind trip and a bad cold, so I apologize for the lapse in updates! Two weeks ago, I was invited by my collegiate sorority chapter to speak about my experiences with heart health. As a bonus, some of my most favorite Alpha Phi sisters came down as well to attend the Red Dress Gala!
Truth: It is not easy to find a cute red dress in September. Trust me, I looked everywhere. In the end, I decided to go with a friend's wisdom and try Rent the Runway. It was amazing (and no, they did not ask me to write about them, but I'd be thrilled if they sent me a coupon), and I got so many compliments on my Issa dress. The best part was that I got to wear a great dress I'd probably never end up wearing again, they sent two sizes so I could see which fit best, and I got to toss it in a UPS envelope at the end of the weekend without dry cleaning it. Success! Also, I saw Duchess Kate wearing the same dress in pink in the most recent US Weekly. And yes, she wore it better. 
But enough about the dress - the best part of the weekend was seeing my friends and the ridiculous shennanigans that ensued. At the beginning of the night I played Wine Ring Toss, and was fortunate enough to win a bottle of Sutter Home for the low price of $20! Don't worry, it was a donation. I proudly carried that Sutter Home around with me like it was my child.

After the gala, we drove to our old "bachelorette pad" that we lived in during college, and then to our favorite college bar. We'd only been there about 20 minutes when a friend called and said he was managing a bar down the street and would give us 2 pitchers of Long Island Ice Teas if we came by. We gladly accepted, and most of those photos will not be posted, but know that we performed many dances that we don't remember and played trivia until last call.

The next day we tried to cram as much San Diego into our day (even while nursing a huge hangover). We met a friend at the bay and played with her dog while munching on the best breakfast burritos known to man. Then we met up with my sister at the Polish Festival and made some new friends along the way, before heading to my uncle's restaurant in Cardiff for some drinks and appetizers on the beach.

Most of our friends had gone home by Monday, so we winged it and I happened to find my new favorite store, Paper Source. OMGeee. Calendars, planners, adorable gifts, and crafty crafts to your hearts content. I've never been to one before, and I was there for well over an hour. Paper Source, please come to Reno. I promise to pay to keep you open.

We also picked up some Sprinkles cupcakes for my boss, and some Chipotle for me. Boy were the people on the plane jealous of our goodies! It was a little weird telling the TSA agents that I had a bag completely filled with cupcakes and burrito bowls, but worth it to bring amazing food back to Reno.

So we're back and settling in until our anniversary trip to LA next week, where we're going to see Danny Elfman perform on Halloween and also hit up Disneyland! We're doing 5 years worth of celebrating!