Monday, June 24, 2013

Wishing and Hoping

Lots has been going on since my last post, and keeping my fingers and toes crossed to have some good news to announce soon regarding finding a new (and AMAZING) surrogate! Seriously, she is one of the sweetest people I've ever spoken to, and I'm really hoping we get to make everything official this week. I'll let everyone know, and as always, thanks for sticking by my side!

Wedding Fun!

We had a wonderful wedding-filled weekend in San Francisco last weekend! We managed to make it to my best friend's wedding shower, my college roommate's wedding, and brunch with my sister. We even got to see the "Super Moon" right over the ocean! 

Just catching up on things today, but wanted to share some photos. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Nighttime paddleboarders and the Super Moon

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Selection Series

During weekend #2 of Dog Watch: Keep Tucker from Hurting Himself, I treated myself to a few new book downloads. I'd heard good things about "The Selection," and got hooked. It's a YA novel, my best summary would be The Bachelorette meets Hunger Games (without the gratuitous death scenes).

It's corny, but I got hooked. So hooked that I ordered the 2nd book on my kindle to read this weekend too. They're really quick reads. I was checking to see when the 3rd book would be out, and saw that they are looking to make The Selection a CW show (a new guilty pleasure!) this fall. It would star Aimee Teagarden from Friday Night Lights. If you haven't watched FNL, you need to turn on Netflix, pronto. And also clear your calendar for the next week, because you'll be addicted.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Bar Cart!

I've been on the hunt for a bar cart for what seems to be a lifetime. While I was driving home yesterday in my "staying up all night with a hurt dog" fog, I spotted what looked to be a bar cart on my neighbor's sidewalk.

I pulled my car around to park, but since there wasn't a huge, glaring "FREE" sign, I decided to knock on the door to see if it was really free, or if I was just hallucinating. My neighbor, who I've never met before, (he lives pretty far down the road), thanked me for asking and pretty much begged me to take it. So I tossed it in my car and brought it home.

It's not my dream bar cart (that one has a glass top and gold finishes), but for a free, decorative bar cart, I'm not complaining at all.


I spent the rest of the night worrying over Tucker, who was reacting a little too well to his tranquilizers. I swear he's a cartoon dog. I was FaceTiming with my mom for about 2 hours so I could keep showing her what he looked like and had her reassure me he was ok. 

I have never seen such a silly face in my life. 
Fortunately he's feeling much better than last weekend. We took him to the orthopedic surgeon who told us that he doesn't need surgery to fix his arm, but he's recommending a preventative surgery to hopefully stop any future injuries and lower the risk of arthritis and degenerative joint disease in the future. So we got good news and not-so-great news, but for right now we're just concentrating on getting him well.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Of Bassett Hounds and Broken Legs

Tucker doesn't know he's a big dog on little dog legs. Besides his tiny legs, big ears, and constant nose to the ground, you might not think he's half Bassett Hound.

Friday night, he was playing with Eleanor and jumped off the stairs, landing badly in his leg. After a long night at the emergency vet, we were told he had a soft tissue injury and he was sent home with pain medication. Mr. Bee and I spent the whole weekend sleeping with him on a mattress on the floor. I imagine seeing your dog in pain is like seeing your child in pain. It's hard to see them so helpless and not able to tell you what they need.

My general distrust of doctors led me to take him to our regular vet this morning, who immediately told me his leg was fractured. We're meeting with a surgeon on Thursday to see how best to fix his leg. Tucker hasn't gotten the memo, because regardless of the pain meds, he's determined to stay active on three legs, and doing a pretty good job of it. We're trying to keep him as inactive as possible, which is hard to explain to a high-energy dog.

Any suggestions on how to make him as comfortable as possible would be appreciated. We're both pretty out of it after spending 3 days worrying and staying awake with him. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Renaissance Faire II - Return of the Ren Faire

Last year was my first renaissance faire in Lake Tahoe. Since we've decided to make an annual pilgrimage, here are some photo from this year's trek.

After we enjoyed some jousting, I ran into Death. He seemed down for a photo opp.

After sitting down and eating some of the best pesto fries of my life, I looked across the table and swore I saw Moses. I guess I was wrong, as he was a Franciscan Friar, so he probably wasn't getting my "Let my people go" jokes. 

 I don't think this guy was an actor, or if that axe was real. It all turned out well. 

This little guy needed sunblock badly. I bartered sunblock for a tune. 

After leaving, we decided to hike back a little and enjoy the beautiful sights in Lake Tahoe. We made it not even a mile before I stepped into a swarm of mosquitoes. So much for being a nature guide. All I can say is the drive back was itchy and sad. 

All in all, one of my favorite people-watching events of all time. Can't wait until next year!