Friday, December 20, 2013

What's in a name?

Even though I was convinced we were having a boy, I hadn’t given much thought to choosing a boy name. We’ve had our girl name picked out for a few years, and boy names always seemed so much harder to choose. Adding to that pressure is the fact that you’re naming a person, a person who will use that name their whole life, and the stress is even greater.
Otter Pop and I looked at every name website and baby name forum out there. I really liked usingNymbler (great for name suggestions based on names you already like, NameBerry for more unique name ideas, and The Bump Name Forum.  We wanted something that wasn’t too unique, would be hard to make fun of, easy to yell at a soccer game, and had meaning to us. So after a lot of soul-searching, we came up with his name.

Baby Sea Otter’s First Ornament
We decided on Aidan James. Aidan is Irish and means, “little fire,” and judging from how active he was during his ultrasound, we’re sure we’ll have our hands full. Aidan also incorporates the first two letters of our surrogate’s name, which makes it even more special to us. James is a family name, and makes it easy if our son wants to go by A.J.
There was some back-and-forth over choosing one of the more popular names of the year, but I think the specialness of the name will outweigh a few people who could possibly have the same name in his class. I had many other Katie’s in my classes over the years and was actually always excited to meet with someone who had the same name. Maybe that’s just me though.
How did you come up with your child’s name? Does it have any special meaning for you?

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