Sunday, December 1, 2013

San Diego Thanksgiving Re-Cap

I have so much to be thankful for this year. I was extremely blessed to be able to share the holiday with my family in San Diego. The holiday included beach football with the cousins, trips to the moon, great food, tons of laughs, dinner with a bunch of grateful Marines, a day-long detour of drinking and motorhome fun that led us to Sears on Black Friday and to the San Diego Air and Space Museum, and getting trapped upside-down with my sister on a flight simulator.

This is our last Thanksgiving as a family of two, and we are both so excited for next year when we have our little boy with us!

Story behind the flight simulator. My sister and I decided we wanted to go on one of the rides at the museum, and asked the guy behind the counter if it really went upside-down. In my mind, it was going to be something like Star Tours, where you feel like you're going upside-down but if you close your eyes, you're fine. He answered really sarcastically, "Of course you're going to go upside-down."

We took that to mean we could go upside-down "in our imagination." Color me surprised when we get strapped into harnesses in the machine and the guy starts telling us how to steer this thing, which I wasn't really paying attention to. So we decided to just fly as even keel as possible, and after about 2 minutes I got bored and decided I wanted to steer down a bit and then go up. I lost control (I suck at video games) and somehow got us stuck upside-down, unable to hit the emergency stop button or get us in the proper position again. I also had no idea that everything was being shown outside on video screen to people walking by, or that people could hear us screaming. Enjoy!


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