Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summertime and the Living is Easy

When it's not ridiculously hot outside, I like to pretend that I do summer-y things. Honestly though, I'm counting down the days until fall. I can't wait for chai lattes, pumpkins, sweaters, and pretty leaves. But I'm getting ahead of myself, and I probably have 2.5 months until any type of fall weather.

I'm trying for the millionth time to grow sunflowers. For some reason, my favorite flowers refuse to live for me. Mr. Bee and I filled a planter with sunflowers from the local nursery, and if you saw them now, you'd cry. Regardless of the amount of water, sun, shade, etc., these suckers want to die.

Don't bother, we're going to die. 
We also had Mr. Bee's mom and grandma over for dinner a few nights ago. I made a summertime strawberry salad and it actually turned out pretty good.

Strawberry Salad
If I had to list one goof thing about summer, it's the summer storms and sunsets. I love that I get to look forward to beautiful sunsets like this one every night.

Taken from our balcony
Who else is counting down to fall?

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