Sunday, June 2, 2013

Renaissance Faire II - Return of the Ren Faire

Last year was my first renaissance faire in Lake Tahoe. Since we've decided to make an annual pilgrimage, here are some photo from this year's trek.

After we enjoyed some jousting, I ran into Death. He seemed down for a photo opp.

After sitting down and eating some of the best pesto fries of my life, I looked across the table and swore I saw Moses. I guess I was wrong, as he was a Franciscan Friar, so he probably wasn't getting my "Let my people go" jokes. 

 I don't think this guy was an actor, or if that axe was real. It all turned out well. 

This little guy needed sunblock badly. I bartered sunblock for a tune. 

After leaving, we decided to hike back a little and enjoy the beautiful sights in Lake Tahoe. We made it not even a mile before I stepped into a swarm of mosquitoes. So much for being a nature guide. All I can say is the drive back was itchy and sad. 

All in all, one of my favorite people-watching events of all time. Can't wait until next year!

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  1. this looks like such a fun time...minus the mosquitoes of course!!