Monday, June 10, 2013

Of Bassett Hounds and Broken Legs

Tucker doesn't know he's a big dog on little dog legs. Besides his tiny legs, big ears, and constant nose to the ground, you might not think he's half Bassett Hound.

Friday night, he was playing with Eleanor and jumped off the stairs, landing badly in his leg. After a long night at the emergency vet, we were told he had a soft tissue injury and he was sent home with pain medication. Mr. Bee and I spent the whole weekend sleeping with him on a mattress on the floor. I imagine seeing your dog in pain is like seeing your child in pain. It's hard to see them so helpless and not able to tell you what they need.

My general distrust of doctors led me to take him to our regular vet this morning, who immediately told me his leg was fractured. We're meeting with a surgeon on Thursday to see how best to fix his leg. Tucker hasn't gotten the memo, because regardless of the pain meds, he's determined to stay active on three legs, and doing a pretty good job of it. We're trying to keep him as inactive as possible, which is hard to explain to a high-energy dog.

Any suggestions on how to make him as comfortable as possible would be appreciated. We're both pretty out of it after spending 3 days worrying and staying awake with him. 

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  1. When my first dog, Lady, was going through cancer treatments and not resting well, we gave her a lavender-scented (using a dog-friendly product) warm bath to mellow her out a bit. We also would run her favorite towels/blankets/bed liners in the dryer and placed them back in her spot by our couch so she'd be extra cozy. We'd then pop in a movie (so she would want to be near us and not hopping up everytime we moved).

    Hope these tips help!