Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Speakeasy Weekend

Last weekend we were lucky enough to get invited to a Speakeasy event - any excuse to dress up is good enough for me!

We had a blast hanging out with friends and sipping drinks on the balcony. Tip for people going to a speakeasy/Gatsby event - gloves are hard to manage! Between trying to eat appetizers and texting (spoiler alert: you can't text with gloves on), they really weren't my best friends.

Happy together, regardless of the gloves.

We also enjoyed the weekend BBQing with friends, and even helping put out a fire at a nearby apartment complex. Mother's Day is always a tough weekend for me, although I definitely don't have a lack of mothers to celebrate in my life. We also got some rough news on the kids front, so being out and about was a good distraction.

You know what else is a great distraction? Polygamy USA on NatGeo. I'm obsessed. If you're a fan of polgyamist shows, this won't disappoint. Especially because the women in this sect actually are the ones to have visions about who they marry and do the choosing. 


  1. This sounds like so much fun. Between this post and 'The Great Gatsby' I sort of wish I could visit the twenties!

  2. You look so cute! I love the gloves, but I agree, I wear them only on Halloween as otherwise they just get in the way. Glad you have a partner who dresses up with you - M is not a fan.