Thursday, May 2, 2013

Discount Dresses for a Good Cause

$20 dress for a good cause!
I've been involved in Junior League for 3 years. Sometimes I get super amped about our philanthropies and volunteer projects. Sometimes not.

Right now, I'm amped. I was able to volunteer for a local organization that helps underprivileged teens get free prom dresses and accessories, and it was an amazing experience. When you meet these girls who are so grateful for anything you can give them, it literally melts your heart.

I thought about all of the dances I went to in high school and how my parents paid for my dresses, shoes, hair, and dinners. Wow, does that add up! And honestly, I felt like a jerk for just expecting that it was the norm. It was such a wake-up call to meet people who thought that these donated dresses were the most beautiful things that they'd seen, and were so happy to get makeup samples.

Aly's Prom Closet takes dress donations during the year, and I was happy to give some of my old prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses a good, new home. Since prom season is over, they are having their annual dress sale to raise money for next year, and selling the remainder of their dresses for only $20.

I actually picked up a dress for a gala that I attended last weekend and got tons of compliments on it. I know that most of you aren't out in Reno, but if you have a similar charity near you, I highly suggest you part with some of your old dresses, or take the time to volunteer!


  1. My JL has a closet for professional clothes, but I think a prom closet is an awesome idea!!! I may have to suggest that for a special drive to add to their closet.

    Also, I really like the dress that you bought! You look cute.

  2. i love the idea of a prom closet...every high school girl should get to feel all princessy for prom!!