Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Derby Day Highlights

Derby Day isn't a holiday, but Mr. Bee thinks it is. I'm lucky to have a husband who looks forward to dressing dapper to all the parties I drag him to!

This year I had to find the perfect hat for our Junior League Derby Day party. Fortunately, Mr. Bee went with me to Dillard's to pick one out.

We so fancy!
I was asked to help market the event on the morning news, and boy was it chilly! We were there from 4:45 to 7am and it was no more than 38 degrees outside. We were running back and forth from our cars and holding up blankets until they said we were on air.

Junior League ladies promote rain or shine or freezing weather!
The highlight of Derby Day for us has been getting to pet and take pictures with the horse outside. Here we are anxiously waiting for our turn with the pony. 

After a long day of Mint Juleps and ponies, we headed to my work to judge a hat contest. Mr. Bee really wanted to change his outfit, and I actually won 2 hats (!!!!!) in the hat raffle! Had to show off the goods for the nighttime. Now I just need to find a few more opportunities to wear hats - it's addicting!

Hat judges!

Hope everyone else had a great Derby Day and celebrated with some fabulous hat fashion!

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