Monday, April 8, 2013

Virginia City:Mah New Favorite Place

I've been meaning to go to Virginia City ever since we moved to Reno. Everything about a "Wild West town gets me on board.

We head on out with Mr. Bee's mom and grandma last weekend and took in the sights and the saloons.

Highlights of our trip:

I ran into this fellow after lunch. Apparently it was his birthday, and he was trying to hatch an egg that was in his pocket. He really wanted me to see this egg. 

I've missed out on the annual camel races for the past two years. Not this year. 

I have to say that this miner-49'er and his donkey, Bernadine, were the highlight of my trip.

Not pictured - touring an old cemetery, the Buckets of Blood Saloon and a delicious Bloody Mary, everyone in the world dressed up in Old West clothes, and the Mark Twain museum.

If you ever come to visit me in Reno, chances are I'll be taking you to Virginia City.


  1. I forgot about Virginia City! I went there as a kid with my family once. If I'm not mistaken, isn't there a really pretty Catholic church there? I think that's really the only thing I remember visiting.

  2. These are hysterical! thank you for sharing the photos. And who the hell carries an egg in their pocket? haha

  3. Ang - There is a beautiful church there! Looks really out of place in the town.

    Worthington - I have no idea. No clue.