Monday, March 25, 2013

The Cheap Things We Do

Mr. Bee was asking me the other night why I don't blog as much. There are a lot of factors that take me away from my blog (which I usually love writing on).

Work has been nuts. We just launched our re-designed website which was literally taking over my whole life. I'm so proud of the work that was accomplished, but boy, that was a handful.

Working and volunteering takes all of my energy. I know some of this is living with a chronic illness, but when I get home after work, I'm exhausted. I literally just want to crawl on my couch with my husband and my dogs and do nothing. The nights when I have Junior League or Alumnae Chapter events are always worth it, but it's always a fight to get myself back out the door at night.

Saving for surrogacy is my biggest hurdle. I'm trying to save money as quickly as possible to make it possible for us to have a child of our own. Because of this, things like redecorating our house or buying clothes aren't really possible. And that's ok - it's a small price to pay (even though I love shopping). All I want in life is to be a mom. And I'm ok with the sacrifices. I wish this was so much easier and less expensive, but it will all be worth it.

Anyway, the point of this is that's it's hard for me to blog about things that have nothing to do with money. Because I've been super cheap, and most of the blogging I read is aspirational home decorating or shopping. That's not my life. And honestly, I love doing cheap things. Going to Goodwill, finding random free events to laugh at things with Mr. Bee, and blowing bubbles in the backyard with my dogs makes me happy.

So even though you will probably never read about my latest Louboutin purchase on here, I'm going to hang around to talk about all of the fun, inexpensive things I do. I hope you find all of the random, cheap things I love as funny as I do.


  1. I love this post Katie, you are so right that it's the things in life that are free that are the best :) I have been meaning to come out to some Alpha Phi events this year, but I am the same way at night where it's super hard to get motivated to do stuff and especially when it's dark and cold and Reno is so far from Tahoe! But now that longer days are here I'll definitely make the trip down some time soon! xo

  2. Oh girl, I've been tying to save money too and it DOES make blogging seem much more challenging.

    I don't remember where I'm going with this comment - except I totally feel you. Sometimes, everyday, normal life doesn't feel completely bloggable.