Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globe Fashion

I know this is lame, but I had the best time last night tweeting along to the Golden Globes. Twitter friends, I love you all lots.

The Golden Globes are about celebrating TV and Film, but more importantly, it's about the fashion.

Winner's Circle: Kate Hudson. Hands-down favorite dress. She looks amazing, and her dress is the right amount of "Almost Famous/I'm married to a rockstar/I look down-right hot". You go Glenn Coco.

Runner Up: Kerry Washington. She always look so put together, and her dress is the right mix of classic/polished/adorable. Also, I'd like her entire wardrobe from the show Scandal. If you have it, please mail it to me.

The Not-ness: Sienna Miller. For someone so cute and with such a great figure, she really did herself wrong. She looks like quilted toilet paper. Just no.

Runner-Up. Halle Berry. Actually, they might be tied.

Best meme of the night. Don't you make that grumpy face, Tommy Lee Jones.

Did you watch the Golden Globes? Who were your favorites?


  1. I loved Kate Hudson and thought she looked JUST like her mom. There are some GOOD GENES in that family. Also: I loved Amanda Seyfried. She was just lovely.

  2. i inexplicably LOATHE kate i cannot judge that dress in any unbiased fashion. but i LIVE for kerry. so so fab.

  3. Rhi - Right on with the good genes. She looked amazing.

    DSH - I can forgive you for not love K-Hud because we have a shared love of Kerry. She always looks the best!