Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nautical Home Decor

After seeing dozens of nautical-themed baskets being put together at work, I had to inquire as to where the items were purchased. Answer: Cost Plus World Market: A place filled with fantastic things that I never think of going to.

Their new summer line, Timber Cove, has some truly adorable nautical items that would look perfect in my house (and maybe yours too!)

Timber Cove Plates (4)
Lobster Throw Pillow
Lobster Dish Towels

These pics don't do it justice. I wish my kitchen wasn't painted green so I could incorporate more of these into my home. Thanks to the people who bought the house before me and decided on Kirstie Alley's kitchen on Oprah as a theme.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Busy Week!

This week has been pretty crazy, and I'm so thankful Mr. Bee is fencing tonight so I can take a bath, drink a glass of wine, and watch The Bachelorette.

Started off the week with my final Junior League BOD meeting. I'm happy to turn over the reigns after a crazy year as Marketing and Communications Chair, and will enjoy just being a regular member for a while!

Outgoing JL Chairs
Spent Tuesday night at my Alpha Phi alumnae happy hour. So happy to have a chapter out here in Reno and lots of great girls to hang out with. I've also recently accepted a volunteer position as the AMC (Alumnae Membership Coordinator) for the Southwest region of Alpha Phi, so I'll have my hands busy for the next year helping out all of the SW alumnae chapters!

Alumnae girls at Chocolate Bar
My dog Tucker has been coughing ever since he received his Bordatella (Kennel Cough) vaccine a few weeks ago. I took him back to the vet and they think he actually got bronchitis from the nasal vaccine! Got him on some antibiotics and hopefully he'll be feeling better in no time.

Then last night, I went to my first Reno Aces baseball team. They're the minor league team in town. I have no idea what their mascot was, but I was way too excited to get a picture with it. Whatever it was.

I have a full weekend of birthday parties and Memorial Day BBQs ahead of me, so I'll be resting up until then. Hope everyone is having a great week!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Monogram Necklace Giveaway

Lately I have been obsessed with monogram necklaces. They just seem to go with everything, especially during summer! I stumbled across this giveaway on Prep in your Step where she's giving away a free monogram necklace from a top-rated Etsy seller!

How cute is this necklace? Sheesh, I want it so badly!

Even though I really want it for my own, I'm sharing it with you guys. The contest ends tomorrow, don't miss out!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cheers for Charter Club

For some reason I always have issues with warm weather fashion. Mostly because I really, really like wearing black. This probably came from my days as a natural redhead, when I was convinced that my hair color clashed with every colored article of clothing in the universe.

These days, I can't get enough color in my outfits, and Charter Club has some of the cutest summery clothes out there. I know it's not officially summer, but when temps are in the high 80s and 90s, I just round up a season.

I picked up this cute top a little bit ago and wore it with white shorts and brown wedges today. Got a ton of compliments on it (doesn't hurt!)

Three-quarter sleeve shirt  

Belted Shirtdress
This dress is so cute in person. I'm lusting over it in aqua.

Embellished Sheath Dress
Hoping that Macy's has a great Memorial Day sales next weekend so I can swoop up a few of these!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Memorial Day Ideas

Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner and I've found some adorable American-themed things to share with you.

Rustic barn wood American flag - Would be perfect hanging in the living room

Burlap Table runner with red, white and blue ribbon

American Pie Crust - Cute idea!

Healthy fruit flag skewers

Now I just need to talk Mr. Bee into letting me throw a party!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Privet House for Target

I wish I had known about Privet House for Target sooner so I could've scooped up the entire collection. For those of you who love the rustic/vintage/bohemian look, pick up your feet and run to Target while they are still carrying items.

I was able to get these adorable canvas place mats this weekend and I'm obsessed!
Here are few other favorites I'm lusting over:

Beverage Tub - Perfect for summer parties.
Coral Napkins

Wire Serving Collection

Wine Bags - Making wine-gifting  fun!

Have you picked up anything from the newest collection?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tail Waggin' Tuesday

Happy tail waggin' Tuesday from Tucker and Eleanor!

A hat wearin' hound

A bouquet of Eleanor

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Derby Party

I'm recovering from a great time at the Junior League Juleps and Jazz Derby Day party!

Me and Mr. Bee

I ended up pulling my outfit together at the 11th hour with my Lilly Pulitzer Bowen dress, shoes I haven't worn since my wedding day, and a Cynthia Rowley hat I found at TJ Maxx. Success!

Even though my horse didn't win, I had a great time with my JL pals enjoying the sunny day, mingling with mint juleps, and hanging out with a horse. We even ended the day with a little Cinco de Mayo Mexican food.

Hope y'all had a great Derby Day too!

Friday, May 4, 2012

New Web Design and Derby Dresses

Hope you love it as much as I do. I want to live inside of it I love it so much.

I have my Junior League Derby Day event tomorrow and I still don't have a hat! Any suggestions of where to get a cute hat on short notice? I'm pretty set on wearing my Lilly Pulitzer Derby Shift Dress (here's the pattern):

Picture via Under the Lilly Pad

Hope you all enjoy tomorrow's Cinco de Derby events!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Save the Honey Bees

I'm super close to finalizing the creative for my new blog design and I'm in love! Can't wait to share it with you guys!

Until then, enjoy some bees dancing for a good cause. Apparently the main bee is J-Lo's BF. I can't get over the guy Irish dancing!