Saturday, December 15, 2012

Prayer in Schools

I've read so many things the past two days blaming the school shootings on the lack of prayer in school. And I promise I'll stop writing about this after this post, but I just don't believe that a lack of prayer has anything to do with a sick person who murdered innocent people and children.

God is everywhere, and just because people don't pray in schools doesn't mean that God isn't there. We live in a country of mixed religions and ethnicities, and I believe it's closed-minded to insist that all children have to pray to one god. That doesn't mean that people shouldn't pray, or that people shouldn't go to church, or encourage their children to stop at anytime during their day and pray to God. But I do think it's wrong to say that this tragedy has anything to do with prayer in schools.

A friend of mine posted this today on Facebook, and I couldn't agree more.

"Some of my facebook friends are insinuating that God didn't protect the children in Conneticut because "prayer isn't allowed in schools." Would you please think about what you are saying and how completely absurd your point is? This is not the time to push an agenda. If you believe in prayer, then PRAY. The Bible says WE are the temple of the Holy Spirit....NOT a building. 

If you believe that God caused the innocent children to be slaughtered or somehow failed to stop it because the prinicipal didn't start off the day with a Christian prayer over the intercom, you have a warped and un-Biblical view of who He is. You want prayer in school? Then teach your kids that they can pray anytime and anywhere. It's YOUR responsibility to do that....not a public school teacher or any other institution other than the church."

I think for now we should focus on keeping the families of those touched by this incident in our hearts and our prayers.


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