Friday, December 14, 2012

$8 Candles at Bath and Body Works

I'm admitting right now that I have gotten little to no holiday shopping done lately. I am a slacker and I am ashamed.

Fortunately, I got an email from Bath and Body Works this morning advertising $8 3-wick candles in store today! If you've been living under a rock most of your life, I'm happy to tell you these are some of the best candles ever. They fill your house with good smells and happiness. And they are the perfect holiday gift!

These suckers usually sell for $20 each, so this is a great bargain. My absolute favorite candle is the French Baguette, but for winter, the Fresh Balsam has also been a winner (and even makes my fake tree smell real!)

So if you're going to be the Oprah of candles like I am this year, today is the day to take advantage of this.

You're getting a candle! And you're getting a candle! 

1 comment:

  1. i bought 2 for presents! i had never even seen french baguette before this weekend...OMG IT SMELLS JUST LIKE BREAD. i had to walk about before i embarrassed myself.