Monday, November 12, 2012

Holiday Decorations

Last night I asked Twitter if there was a reason it seems like everyone is putting their Christmas decorations up early this year. Some people said that they've always done it that way, and I'm just curious what everyone's traditions are.

I know with all of the Christmas commercials starting around Halloween it's made me want to wait until the last second to put up my holiday decor as protest. Unfortunately I really, really, really love Christmas, and would keep decorations up all year if I could.

When do you start decorating for the holidays? Did you decorate earlier than normal this year?



  1. i think i might start putting up decorations this week. it's not that i don't love thanksgiving...but turkey decor isn't really my cup of tea! and this way, i can enjoy my christmas stuff for longer than a month =)

  2. I have never understood why people are in such a rush for Halloween to be over so that they can put up their Christmas tree by Thanksgiving! I'm not that way at all. Each holiday gets it's own little touch of decor. I don't start decorating until it's actually the month of December. I have everything up (which really is just a wreath and some knick knacks, maaaaybe a tree) by the middle of the month. It all comes crashing down come January 2!

  3. We tend to put our tree up the first of December at the absolute earliest. Any earlier than that and then you end up being hit with a dying tree!