Monday, September 17, 2012

Birthday Weekend Re-Cap

I'm happy to report I survived my 29th birthday! After a busy birthday day at work which included a hilarious office decorating job (including mullets, Justin Beiber, and giant, inflatable monkeys).

But the best part of my birthday (birthday week?) was the bounce house Mr. Bee surprised me with. Quick story - I'd been running around doing errands for our housewarming/birthday all day, and finally settled down to grab the mail. When I got there, I saw Mr. Bee talking to a few people in the front yard who were holding a tarp. Things finally came together, and I realized that there was a bounce house inflating in my front yard!! Mr. Bee wins #1 husband of the year award!

Love this guy

I'm still kind of flexible!

Later, we finally got to show off our new house to our friends! My college roommate came all the way from San Francisco, and brought along my sister too!

Jello Shots!
Work Friends
My Reno and SDSU Phi Gals (including the fabulous Jane from In the Pink and Green!)

We are so blessed to have so many friends and family members who care about us come to the party! I had a great 2-9, and I'm excited to see what this year brings. Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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