Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fall Candle Haul

Fall is my favorite season, but fall scents at Bath and Body Works might be my favorite time of the year. Some people get excited about college football starting, I get excited about making my house smell like pumpkins. Priorities...

I was so excited that I found a B+BW gift card my parents got me last year for my birthday while I was moving. I logged on before work this morning and have an amazing-smelling package coming my way shortly thanks to the 2 for $20 candle sale AND and additional 20% off coupon (Code = AUGBBW)!

Here's my haul:

Not really fall-related, but smells so good! 

Do you have any favorite fall scents? You can tell I gravitate more towards sweet smells...


  1. I am OBSESSING over Pumpkin Cupcake. NEED IT.

  2. Dying to get to B&BW to smell everything!

  3. Johnny and I love creamy pumpkin. We go through antibacterial foaming soap constantly in this house. I really want to smell Pumpkin cupcake! Jewels