Sunday, July 15, 2012

Washers and Dryers, Oh My!

Just a few weeks until we move into our new house, and the one thing that it needs (and I've never had to buy before) is a washer and dryer. In fact, I'm completely lost when it comes to buying appliances. I've walked around Home Depot/Lowe's/Best Buy/Insert your appliance store here for the last few weekends and I'm still not sure of what I'm looking for.

I hear that the front load washer and dryers have issues with smell, and that you can't add to the wash cycle once it's started (something I do all the time.) And if possible, we'd love to get one with a steam cycle so that we can throw clothes in before going out to get some of the wrinkles out.

Here are a few of my laundry room Pinterest lust pics:

Suggestions are appreciated!


  1. Hmmm I am not sure I can help too much, but I know that the LG washer/dryer front loaders are great!

  2. I am not very helpful because I selected my washer and dryer while in college, when front loaders weren't as popular. I remember selecting my washer based on the number of pairs of jeans it said it could wash. I prefer washing big loads. I have a GE set and they have served me well. I also often add to the load while it's going so I don't think a front load washer would work well for me. However, I do know a lot of people that like them..and they are definitely pretty! Good luck.

  3. I got front loaders because I had to stack them and I have to tell you that I really miss not being able to add clothes after the wash cycle starts. But if you can get past that, you can make a really nice folding area on the top of the machines.