Wednesday, July 4, 2012

House Update

Quick, exciting update: We're buying a house! We're looking to close at the end of this month. More details to follow, but here's a sneak peek of our new sunroom (which I'm obsessed with.)

Also, today is my and Mr. Bee's 8-year dating anniversary. I know that once you get married you usually stop counting the boyfriend/girlfriend anniversaries, but 4th of July is the perfect anniversary. Fireworks every year!

Love this guy:

8 years ago!
Happy Independence Day!


  1. happy anniversary!!! and that sunroom is TOO fab =)

  2. That sunroom is so nice. It'll be the perfect eating/entertaining space. I am totally jel!!

    And yes, the 4th of July is a wonderful anniversary to remember every year. Even if it is so dating. SO SWEET

  3. Hey girl! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog - I couldn't email you back - so I thought I would comment over here - the dining table is actually from a flea market - it had been sitting in my parents garage for a year, so after we moved in our house, they gave it to us! Love your blog and congrats on your house! It is so much fun - we did all of that about two months ago :)