Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nautical Home Decor

After seeing dozens of nautical-themed baskets being put together at work, I had to inquire as to where the items were purchased. Answer: Cost Plus World Market: A place filled with fantastic things that I never think of going to.

Their new summer line, Timber Cove, has some truly adorable nautical items that would look perfect in my house (and maybe yours too!)

Timber Cove Plates (4)
Lobster Throw Pillow
Lobster Dish Towels

These pics don't do it justice. I wish my kitchen wasn't painted green so I could incorporate more of these into my home. Thanks to the people who bought the house before me and decided on Kirstie Alley's kitchen on Oprah as a theme.


  1. I love world market!! And I NEED that lobster throw pillow!

  2. Those plates are really cute! Someday I really want a neutral kitchen so I can have cool themes and have a variety of kitchenware. It looks so fun.

  3. These plates are adorable. I'm also loving the lobster pillow. I have a weakness for most crab and lobster things.