Monday, May 21, 2012

Cheers for Charter Club

For some reason I always have issues with warm weather fashion. Mostly because I really, really like wearing black. This probably came from my days as a natural redhead, when I was convinced that my hair color clashed with every colored article of clothing in the universe.

These days, I can't get enough color in my outfits, and Charter Club has some of the cutest summery clothes out there. I know it's not officially summer, but when temps are in the high 80s and 90s, I just round up a season.

I picked up this cute top a little bit ago and wore it with white shorts and brown wedges today. Got a ton of compliments on it (doesn't hurt!)

Three-quarter sleeve shirt  

Belted Shirtdress
This dress is so cute in person. I'm lusting over it in aqua.

Embellished Sheath Dress
Hoping that Macy's has a great Memorial Day sales next weekend so I can swoop up a few of these!


  1. I almost got it in yellow too! Is it weird to have the same shirt in two colors?