Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Whirlwind San Diego Weekend

Just got back from an amazing girl's weekend in San Diego with my besties! Here's a major photo haul for y'all.

Of course, I had to make shirts for everyone. Who doesn't love Michael Jackson and ET? And yes, that's definitely an ET/MJ onesie in the mix.
My sorority was actually having an alumnae open house, so we dropped by to see all the new renovations and meet the girls. Let's just say I feel pretty old.

Fish tacos are part of the whole San Diego experience. We stopped by the first Rubio's ever for some fish tacos and photo opps.

Later, we went by one of my old fav hangouts, Shore Club, for just one beer. And we stuck to that! It makes it easier when your one beer is actually in a goblet.

The next day, we got to enjoy the perfect weather outside at my friend's house, where we had all sorts of yummy snacks, summer-y drinks, and board games. Surprisingly, I rock at Jenga.

Sitting next to the OG Operation winner - she works in the medical field so she has an advantage.

All the girls (and baby K-Jo, my favorite baby of all time)

And of course, there was Chipotle.There's never any shame in Chipotle.

So now I'm back in Reno looking out the window at the dirt mountains and wishing I still had an ocean view. Thankfully, I did get to school my friends on "Doomsday Preppers" (Have you seen that show? It's insane!). I missed my friends more than I even knew and I can't wait for another trip back ASAP.


  1. It was the BEST! Come back soon! I recorded Doomsday Preppers but can't bring myself to watch it without you yet!!!

  2. What a fun weekend! Sometimes it's so good to just get away with friends. :)