Friday, December 2, 2011

Send holiday cheer. Send holiday cards.

I am seriously lacking in holiday cheer this year. But, I promise if I get my act together, my Christmas cards will be fantastic. Yes, I got my first Christmas card yesterday and felt like the Grinch because I have not even started to think about cards this year.

Shutterfly contacted me again this year about promoting their holiday card promotion which I was more than happy to post about because their cards are amazing. I think this vintage-looking card has to be my favorite.

And yes, I think it's perfectly justifiable to send out photo cards of just you. Or you and your dogs. Or just your dogs. There really is no excuse for me to have not designed and sent my cards except that the reading on my Caring Meter has largely diminshed lately. It's been verified by a professional caring meter reader. And if you know where that is from, this is why we are friends.

I'm also thinking that everyone on my holiday list may get a photo calendar of my dogs, because who doesn't love Ellie and Tucker photos?

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  1. Got your holiday card in the mail yesterday! Looks like you got your Christmas spirit back after all.