Tuesday, November 8, 2011

True Life: I met Weird Al Yankovic

If you've ever wanted to read a post where I totally nerd out, here it is. This weekend I was able to cross one off my bucket list by meeting Weird Al Yankovic. Yes, this has always been a lifelong dream of mine.

I am the first to admit I have a very sick sense of humor. I've been a Weird Al fan since I was a kid. When I heard he was coming to Reno I was beyond excited. Then I found out that I might be out of town that weekend, so I put off buying tickets. When I later discovered I'd be free that night I immediately went to the Ticketmaster website and found out the show was SOLD OUT. Really? There's that many Weird Al fans in Reno?!

After a ton of Craigslist searches, I found a pair of tickets. Mr. Bee ventured out to the ghetto to purchase them for me (puffy pink heart love you for that one). Then my AMAZING friend MaryBeth came through with the news that she got me on the guest list for the night! We got to the concert and found out that her contact (who happened to be Weird Al's bassist and was one of the nicest people ever) had also gotten us Backstage Passes for after the show in addition to ridiculously awesome seats. So we ended up giving the other tickets to someone who was hoping to buy tickets there.

If you've read this far, you are truly an amazing blog friend.

This is the face of absolute joy.
Do any of you have really random celebrity crushes or people you'd love to meet?


  1. How fun!! I haven't heard Weird Al in forever!! Super cool that you got backstage passes & were able to meet him!

  2. That is SO cool!! - Michelle

  3. So, where's the picture of you and Steve Jay?

  4. I suck - when I met Steve Jay after the show I thanked him and we chatted for a few minutes before meeting Weird Al. Afterwards he was heading back to his room with a big group so I missed the photo op.

  5. how freaking fun is this?!

    remember gideon yago from mtv like 10 years ago?? yeah, he came to my college, and i full-on nerded out when i met him. and MIGHT HAVE made the picture of us my computer wallpaper for awhile.

  6. That's way cool!!!! I'v never met anyone remotely famous!