Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Catch-Up

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Mr. Bee and I had a Halloween party last Friday which was lots of fun.

We're so lucky to have made such good friends out here!

We even had a costume contest!

On actual Halloween I was lucky enough to get to dress up for work. Unfortunately, I was shot by some rogue cowboys.
Don't shoot! I have cookies!

Fortunately I made it out alive. When I got home that night we carved pumpkins, passed out candy, watched scary movies and dressed up the dogs. You know, normal things.

Ellie Bee, Tucker Lobster

Snow White and Gross Eye Pumpkins

And then last night we celebrated our three year wedding anniversary! Wow, my last week was jam-packed with things to celebrate!

How was your Halloween?


  1. Halloween was slow and sweet this year! Just found your blog via Turtles and Pearls! Love the bees and am definitely your newest follower. :)