Monday, September 12, 2011

Things I'm grateful for

Things haven't been really fun lately, so I'm writing a "things I'm grateful for" post so I remember that things are actually good in the world.

Things I am grateful for:

My family

My kitties and doggies

Having a good job
Not being as sick as I was

Amazing friends

Living close to farms and cows

Owning a car
Being a part of philanthropic groups like Junior League and Alpha Phi
Tea from a kettle
Steam cleaning vacuums
Having an office with a wall of windows
Cloudy days

Oversized sweaters and boots
Fun office supplies
Guitars with mustaches

Down comforters
Sign twirlers who really like their job
Fall shoes

Good smelling candles
Living close to San Francisco

1 comment:

  1. i might have to link up and do a post like this! i've had a lot of 'downer' days lately and always seem to find something bitter to complain about. i need to look at life with more gratitude & remember the good things i'm blessed with!