Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Redhead or Blondehead?

I think that this post may be due to the free HBO preview weekend that the cable company gave me. I started watching Game of Thrones, which left me with my mouth wide open for the majority of the show. But also, everyone had beautiful red hair.

Then there was the first episode of True Blood. That's right. More awesome red hair.

Remember when I tried to go back to my natural red hair color? If not, just know that it started out bad.

After a long period of switching hair stylists and tons of damage, I made it back to my natural-ish color.

Then, like always, my blonderexia came back in full force.

I also have my 10 year high school reunion in a little over a month, so I'm seeing if I can hold off on doing anything crazy until after. What are your thoughts? Red? Blonde? 



  1. there is A LOT of beautiful red hair on HBO. My sister is a redhead so I say: go red! (although, you look lovely as a blonde too).

    Also, I started watching Game of Thrones this week as well and...wow...there are no words for that show. Well, maybe the world outrageous.

  2. as a fake redhead...i MUST vote for the auburn!!

  3. I'm so jealous of redheads, so I think you could pull this off again. However, I also think you are a beautiful blonde! :)