Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nautical-ness in Nevada

It's summer. There's no going back. This is my first summer since I was maybe 9 years old that I haven't lived within 15 minutes of the beach. And although I love the mountains more than the ocean, I definitely miss the carefree days by the bay, me and Mr. Bee riding our matching beach cruisers by our house, and the smell of the salty water and the morning fog.

In memory of those summers, I'd love to bring a little nautical-ness to Nevada. Here are a few Vineyard Vines items that would be perfect for envisioning I was actually by a body of water.

A lobster dress! You know how much I love lobster dresses!

I know that dress would look awful on me (I despise spaghetti straps), so why not a skirt? With 10x more lobsters!!

Lobster Necklace (
This necklace would be adorable with a basic top and shorts in the summer. This website has some of the cutest jewelry ever. 

Do you have any signature summer wear?

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