Monday, June 27, 2011

His & Hers Questions

Thanks to the wonderful Miss CMae for the blogging inspiration today. Here's some Q & A's from me and Mr. Bee.


biggest pet peeve: Inconsiderate people
most hated food: Cauliflower
most despised type of music: Christian metal. Pick a side!
chore to avoid: He says all, but worst is folding laundry.
worst trend imaginable: Dumbing down of culture - appealing to the lowest common denominator.
idea of the worst vacation: Anything requiring long flights or emails sent to my phone.


biggest pet peeve: Ignorant people
most hated food: There's so many. Where to begin. Pickles, red meat, most fruit...
most despised type of music: Fratboy rappers. Like Asher Roth or Mac Miller.
chore to avoid: Cleaning the toilet. Makes me gag. Aghh...
worst trend imaginable: People who get designer tattoos, like a Chanel tramp stamp.
idea of the worst vacation: Anywhere hot and desert-y. Like Lake Havasu. Or Death Valley. Or anywhere else in Arizona.

Do these questions with your boyfriend/husband/partner and learn something new about each other or see what you already knew.

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