Monday, June 13, 2011

Good Posture Pays Off

Remember how I was in a wedding a few weeks ago? One of my proudest moments was after the wedding, when one of the groom's aunts came up to me and complimented me on my perfect posture. I was seriously just as happy as if she had told me that I looked like Angelina Jolie.

My parents and grandma have always tried to make sure I had good posture. I think people just look happier and more confident when they're not slouching or hunched over.

I got my second compliment last week when one of the housekeeper's at my work stopped me and told me how well I walk in heels. I know that walking in heels can be daunting. I had the good fortune (?) of being in a sorority in college that really pushed us to always wear heels. I would truck it through miles of campus in 3 foot heels every day. Was this good for my feet? Probably not. Did it force me to walk well in heels? Heck yes. I'd be comfortable running on a treadmill in heels.

Maybe this is an attention whore post, but things like being complimented on walking correctly really make me happy. So when you're walking around today, make sure you're walking tall and proud. People notice!


  1. I am sitting up straight in my desk chair, thanks to you! I feel like I used to have great posture but not so much anymore. I'm going to work on that!! YAY for receiving lovely compliments!

  2. i have terrible sitting posture, but i can walk better in heels than in tennis shoes!!

  3. Aww, not an attention whore post at all - I'd be proud and happy too if someone commented on my posture! Posture is something i'm alway struggling with. No amount of yoga or dance seems to help and i always have to make a conscious effort to keep my back straight.

  4. wooh, I could some some major help with my posture. I would be elated if mine was good enough to be complimented, haha, go you!!

  5. That's awesome! I have terrible posture. I think it is because I have large breasts and just tend to hunch when I'm sitting.