Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Reading

I absolutely love to read, but I have to get into "the zone" to do it. Recently, I've been in "the zone" and have gotten through 4 books in a week.When I moved to Nevada I found this amazing Goodwill store that always has brand-new books for $1. It's amazing. I don't think I'll ever really find a reason to buy a $25 book again.

Here are some of my recent reads. None of them are thoughtful or educational. Not going to sugar coat it.

Poison Study - A girl named Yelena has killed the son of a general. She is sentenced to be executed, but gets randomly chosen to be the Commander's poison taster.

Fire Study - Yelena finds out she has magical powers and finds her family. Lots of new characters and random drama. Did not love this.

Summer in Sonoma - The separate story of friends who all have their own issues in life. Everything turns out well in the end. It's predictable but fun to read. 

Dead Reckoning - The newest Sookie Stackhouse book. Sookie has her fairy relatives living with her, has new and old characters coming back to mess with her. Really enjoyed it, was much better than the last book. 

Next up on my reading list:
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
The History of Love
Olive Kitteridge
Lost and Found
The Florabama Ladies' Auxiliary & Sewing Circle

Have you read anything good lately?


  1. Thanks for the Poison Study rec - I hadn't heard of it and that one sounds really interesting. I also have the Sookie books on my list!

  2. The Help is great and it will be a movie soon!

  3. Did you like the Chronicles of Elantra (the "Cast in" series)?