Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Living the Dream: Finding Dining Room Chairs

I did it - I found my perfect dining room chairs. As Mr. Bee and I were perusing Goodwill the other day for dining room chairs we both spotted these at the same time and immediately ran back and claimed them. We got 7 chairs total and a table (which we donated back). The only issue is that while four of them are this gorgeous blue and grey damask pattern, 3 of them are baby puke green.

We went to JoAnn's to find a great fabric to go with it and didn't fall in love with anything except the fabric below, which we'd need to recover all the chairs in.

The other option that we talked about is re-covering them in a chocolate brown microsuede. We'd go with the light grey, but with animals and potential future Bees in the future, light colors are probably not the best idea. Anyone have any suggestions?


  1. I think something in navy would be a nice contrast, awesome find! I found our dining chairs at Goodwill too for $5! SCORE

  2. What FABULOUS CHAIRS! Great work - can't believe you found those at Goodwill!