Thursday, February 17, 2011

Snow Days, Mustaches and Dog Friends

In the last two days we've had the largest amount of snow since we've moved here. On my way home, I found a huge black lab wandering in the middle of the road during the snowstorm. I immediately stopped my car in the street (sorry 10 cars behind me) and started calling to the dog to come over. I was on the phone with Mr. Bee in almost complete hysterics to come in the middle of the snow when I somehow convinced this dog to jump in my car.

I brought said new dog home with me unharmed. While trying to track down his owners, I spent the next three hours watching Ellie and Mr. Jake (the name on his collar) play in the snow, kiss, and try to "do it." Yes, this was a large, fully intact male dog who LOVED my little girl dog. Literally.

In happy news, I was able to reach his owner who was so grateful I had found his dog. He even brought over a bottle of wine for us. And we found out that Mr. Jake was 10 years old! We were thinking he was 3 or 4 - we were WAY off!! I'm always so happy when I find a dog and the owner is actually a good person and don't make me regret my decision to call them.

So now, Ellie is begging me for a brother and I really, really want to give in. How much harder could two dogs be than one (I can already see me in the future eating my words...)

Since we were too tired to make dinner after our adventure, we ended up going to Red Robin (I don't think I've ever been to one). The American Legion was there doing a fundraiser and they all had amazing mustaches. So of course, I had to do a fashion show with them. It was for a good cause.

And here are some snow pics:

Loving this weather!!

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