Friday, January 21, 2011

Springing into Lilly

Even though I'm practically begging for more snow, it's looking more and more like spring out here. And the only good thing about spring is the fact that my Lilly Pulitzer dresses get to come back into the main closet. I have to admit I was disappointed by the selection at the Rue La La sale earlier this week, but I'm over it now that I've checked out their main site and seen some to die for items.

Without further adieu, my Lilly lust-list:

And I just found this bad boy on eBay and decided it finally needed to come live with me:

These hand soaps popped up in my inbox this morning and I decided they were pretty Lilly too:

Lastly, there is an amazing sale going on at I realize that nothing is realistically inexpensive, but I've been saving up for the flannel Revas and they're finally on sale! Merry Christmas to me (again).

Happy Friday!


  1. I saw those soaps the other day! They are VERY Lilly!

  2. LOVING that Shauna dress--too gorgeous! Happy Friday :) xoxo {av}

  3. :) :) :) lilly always makes me happy !! I love that Shauna dress but it did not look right on me -- booo :(

  4. Oh my stars, I am lovin' the soaps!
    I just ordered all new Lilly bedding this morning! Spring is coming, yeahhhh!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

    (all the dresses are just darlin')

  5. The Shauna is my absolute favorite! I look at it all the time and plot out where I could wear it :)

  6. Just found your blog on Twitter and I'm pretty excited about it!! :)

    I love every single one of those Lilly dresses. Beautiful colors!

  7. The dresses are so cute! It makes me wish Spring was already here.

  8. you lucky duck and your precious Tory's! jealous. love the Jonah too. niccce.