Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap and Unicorn Costumes

Thank you all for the room advice! I had actually previously bought B and was feeling regretful when I wrote that post, so I'm really glad that everyone was on board with A (which I later went back and purchased). We've been busy painting the room which is actually really hard to do! We also got to go to a business networking breakfast on Friday where we were introduced to the Reno business market. I forgot how much time it takes to put together a good business outfit since my three weeks at home. Here was my attempt:

The rest of our weekend was busy running errands, going to a pink party and chasing critters out of our house. Within 10 hours, Mr. Bee successfully took care of:

1. A bird (No, the bird was not a stork)
2. A pincher bug
3. A ginormous black cricket
4. A dragonfly

All with me shrieking the entire time, holding Eleanor in the bedroom with me. So that's basically a quick re-cap of everything. I leave you with a ridiculously adorable baby Halloween costume from Pottery Barn Kids.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Reader Survey: Guest Room Bedding


Or B.


(it's hard to see, but the sheets have polka dot trim)


Oh yes, and cue Coldplay.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

KatherineBee: Furniture Painter

Well here is my first attempt at re-painting. Our table and chairs. When I started I was thinking, "Wow Katherine Bee, you are amazing. This looks professional. Maybe you'll quit your job and refinish furniture for a living. You should start a separate furniture blog because this is so amazing."

The finished product - well, it's white. You can still see in the table where my husband thought it was funny to write "Esse". And it's pretty rough. But here it is in all of it's glory.




I used a primer and then a flat paint (spray paint). I seriously can't feel my pointer finger. I'm not thrilled with how it all turned out. I'm planning on re-painting our bedroom set, and I'm not sure if I should use a roller this time. The spray paint took a long time and isn't totally even (but that makes it rustic, right)?

I didn't put a sealant on it and I'm thinking about going to the store and picking some up, but I'm not sure if that will make it shiny, which isn't what we're looking for. Has anyone re-painted their furniture before? How did it turn out? Any tips are appreciated!

Monday, September 13, 2010

House Decor and Happy Birthday to Me: A Long, Rambly Story

Weekend update:

This weekend my lovely mother-in-law (Mom #2 or Mom Squared) and Steve's Grandma came up to visit as an early birthday present! We went to some authentic Reno restaurants and got to show them around town. We mostly hung out in our backyard which is so peaceful and watched my dog be a nut outside. Eleanor is always entertainment.

Don't let her adorable good looks deceive you - she's crazy!

Mr. Bee and I share a malt at the local diner. Ok, I stole it...

I love our house. It is a work in progress. Sometimes I wonder why I spend so much time making a house pretty that I don't own. I like to feel home - I hate the temporary "we're living in a rental" feeling. We're definitely still unpacking and Candice Olsen isn't coming over any time soon, but I thought I'd be real for a moment and show it how it is.

Kitchen is coming along! Need some floor rugs.

Future music room/cat sanctuary

Family room - office

Our bedroom. Bought dust ruffle, new lampshades. Going to re-paint dressers and night stands.

Bedroom hallway shot (hi me!)

Guest room with Murphy bed. Used to be a nursery - we are re-painting the top a soft yellow and looking for sheets. 

Dining room - just bought a china hutch tonight, so all of those boxes should be gone tomorrow! Still looking for chairs.

So even though most of this is embarrassing, I'm excited to show everyone how the house turns out once we make it feel more our own. 

In two and a half hours I will turn 27 years old. I'll wake up like magic and be a year older. 26 was one of the hardest years of my life. Being sick and homebound, missing my friends and my old life, not being able to be there like I wanted to for my friends and family and then risking my job by moving to another state to be with my husband has all been overwhelming. But I made it (or will in just a few short hours) and I'm looking forward to growing from my experiences and be well enough to go on new adventures. 

Through it all I've had my family and Mr. Bee and I'm so incredibly grateful to my loved ones for helping me through the big 2-6. And even if this year is doomed, I take comfort in knowing I'll wake up in the morning with Ellie and Mr. Bee, my parents will call me at 7 to play the personalized Captain Zoom tape they've played for me every year, and just for tomorrow everything will be good.

Sorry again for having a case of the rambles. I just want to express that I love my life and feel so incredibly blessed for the love and support I've received over the years. So while I celebrate the fact that I've lived on this earth for 27 years, I'll really be celebrating all of the experiences I've had with everyone during this time.

Love you all and thanks for sticking with me!

Friday, September 10, 2010

My Unofficial Birthday List

I've been putting it off forever - mostly because I don't need anything for my birthday (except food, our pantry is literally bare), and just want to have friends and family come visit. I have clothes, I live in a house, have a wonderful husband and animals, and I'm really just content. And I already have a banjo! Also, I'm turning 27. That's not even a fun birthday.

But my mom loves having a birthday list on my blog to go off of - so I'm doing this for her. Because it's her unbirthday, and she deserves presents too. So here's my out of control, random birthday list for Mama Bee.

I would love to find a similar TV cabinet to this one. I keep scouring Craigslist but haven't found a winner yet!

I'd also love to find a china cabinet for the dining room! 

Also on the hunt for a rug for under the kitchen table, near sink and stove and guest bathroom.

And paint for said kitchen table.

This is my fav fall Lilly dress.

Gift certificates: Amazon, Whole Foods, iTunes, Target

Love this sweater (cape?).

And this one too!

And I'm not saying where the sweaters are from...because you won't believe me.

This is my favorite comforter sheet set so far (for the guest room).
Sheets here

This is a Michael Kors watch - I really just loved that it was gold and chain-y. 

...I'm pulling at strings here....

Ellie wants a baby brother! Oh Ellie, you're already enough of a handful.

After my Junior League meeting the other night I stepped out into 48 degree weather and another girl laughed at how I am going to die this winter when I told her my winter wear was jeans, heels and a sweater. So apparently I need cold weather clothes, North Face (?) and Uggs. 

I am cold weather clueless. Don't Uggs get ruined in the snow? What cute shoes do you wear in winter? What the heck is North Face and did I get dragged into living in Antarctica? If so, I really hope to see penguins in my yard. 

Oh, I'd love to keep my job and continue telecommuting. That would be a great birthday gift!

And for my hairstylist to move out here!

And I'd really like world peace.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Buzz on: Cheapie Target Boots

So apparently Reno gets cold. Really cold. This was something that I knew about, but didn't really realize until my first night here after a rainstorm and temps getting down into the 30s. In San Diego, anything under 70 is fair game for boots, scarves and mittens. At 50 you could have a snow day from work (or maybe a sand day at the beach, but definitely all bundled up). I have seen people on Garnet Ave. a block from the beach covered in a snow jacket, jeans, boots, mittens and earmuffs while drinking a venti Starbucks in March.

But I digress.

So Reno gets cold, and this San Diego girl owns hoards of open-toed shoes. This is a dilemma - a dilemma which can only be solved by finding inexpensive boots which will get me through the cold fall and winter seasons which will no doubt freeze me out. Target has some adorable boots on their website right now that are on sale along with when you buy one pair you get a second pair 10% off, PLUS free shipping over $50.

So here are my cheapie Target boot picks - none of them over $50:

Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Kachiri Leather Americana Boots - Brown

Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Kachiri Leather Americana Boots - Taupe

Women's Merona® Kasia Tall Leather Boots - Black

Women's Journee Collection Slouchy Microsuede Boots

Women's Mossimo® Black Kamiah Peep-Toe Bootie - Black

Women's Cadee Bootie Slippers - Tan

Ok - maybe I already bought that last pair. And maybe my husband won't let me out of the house wearing them because I look like Bigfoot and he doesn't want me to get shot. I understand this. But they're so cute! The sorority girl in my wants to wear them with a denim skirt and a black letters tank top to 8 a.m. classes. Which WON'T happen (again), but I'm sorry, I can't kill that part of me off just yet. 

Friday, September 3, 2010

We Survived: The Move up to Reno

Well, we finally made it up to Reno. We're still settling in, but I promise more pictures and updates soon. Here are some photos from our trek up.

Ellie sleeping on a mattress in the living room our last night in San Diego.

Goodbye apartment living!

Ellie in her new backyard.

View from the backyard.

Our new kitchen is coming together!

My mother-in-law came up with us to help us get settled and it's been so helpful! We have all of our furniture moved in, but we're still looking for a kitchen table (which I think I found on Craigslist that I'll re-paint), a china hutch, and dining room chairs. So far I'm really enjoying it up here, despite the warm weather around 3 p.m. It's really quiet around our house, there's lots of trees, you can hear crickets and frogs at night, and everyone up here is incredibly friendly and nice. I haven't been around downtown and the casinos yet, but there are some really nice places closer to our house.

This next year is definitely going to be an adventure!