Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jaunt to San Francisco - In Photos

Last weekend we drove up to San Francisco for my sister's college graduation. This was my first time up, so naturally, I was a total tourist.

We started off at Haight Ashbury, which I had built up in my mind to be exactly how it was in the 60's with naked hippies and guitars and flowers. Well, there were lots of guitars, sex stores, and smoke shops. I was pretty let down.

 Jen's graduation: 4 hours of talk and no names called.

Jen, Dad and me at Calzone's in Little Italy (BOY is it hard to eat good Italian food when you're not eating wheat!)

Candy store and I found a bear. Dressed as a bee. This could not be more perfect.

Walking Pier 39. We're not crabby, we're not! Stomp Stomp...

An Asian Michael Jackson mime.

I think we had the most fun at the penny arcade. Here I am on a foot relaxer, which was supposed to improve my circulation and rest my tired toes. I think it just vibrated me.

Hanging out with a skeleton at the wharf.

It was great to see family and get to finally see the city. I think it was the final nail in my dreams to ever live in a big city. I think I would have had a blast there in college, but it was so busy, full of people, and houses on top of each other. I don't want to be able to reach over and touch my neighbor's house. So I'm content to be home, where people mosey along a little more, I'm 5 minutes from the beach, and I can't see my neighbor's computer screen.  I kinda like San Diego.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Obligatory LOST Finale Post

I've loved LOST for years, though I didn't watch the first two seasons. In fact, I never would have watched LOST except that the group of friends that had wine and Project Runway parties ran out of Project Runway. And then what were we going to watch?? Could we just have cheese and wine? No, we needed a new show to bond over, so someone chose LOST, which they had watched and loved. I had two weeks to catch up. After renting the first episodes from Netflix I became addicted, scoured every Blockbuster in the city for the DVDs, and holed up for about a week, coming out only to work. It's pathetic, but I completely understand how those people get on Intervention. I probably needed one.

Fast-forward to the finale last night, which I thought was heart-breaking and left me speechless, though I have to admit there wasn't an easy answer or a mega-happy ending. I've never thought I'd love a television show or connect emotionally with the characters. I'm a book girl. But I love the mystery, the relationships and family, and of course, the sexy men. And I am definitely bummed out that there is no more.

To cheer up my fellow Losties out, I found this today. LOST: Re-enacted by cats in one minute.
This really says everything that needs to be said.

Thanks for all the good memories!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mr. Bee Esquire and Phi Teas

See this dapper guy in the fancy robe? Well, he passed the bar exam on his first try!! So proud of Mr. Bee and all of his hard work. Can't wait till his swearing-in ceremony where he'll officially become a lawyer, and not just law student or bar-passer. Love this guy!

In between the stress of waiting for his bar results, we spent last weekend up at my uncle's house for my little cousin's birthday. We had a great time watching the kids in the bounce house, beating on pinatas, and watching them play "drive the Gator off a cliff" in their motor tractor.

It later turned into more of a dog party, as they have about 6 dogs, we brought Eleanor, and my other uncle brought his dog Theodore. Here I am with Larry, the cutest, most awkward looking dog in the world.

And Eleanor having a blast running around acres of land.

This weekend I was so happy to see my dear friend and freshman roommate Sarah down here. I was lucky enough to be roomed with her in the dorms and we've been close friends ever since. She and her boyfriend were staying at an amazing house on the beach, and we spent the afternoon watching everyone play beach volleyball. I totally fell asleep for the rest of the day afterwards, but luckily I'll get to run into her next weekend in San Francisco, where I'll be for my sister's college graduation. 
Us freshman year of college, going through a Mexican drive thru. Not much has changed!

Today was my alumnae Phi Tea. I love any opportunity to wear a big hat and drink out of teacups. My alumnae chapter is amazing, and it was so great to be back in contact with everyone.

They were so accommodating with the whole "no wheat" thing, and their teas were delicious. I actually ending up buying a teapot necklace. As my friend Marisa said today, I'm literally the only person who would be buy jewelry in a tea room. I'll take that as a compliment! 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gluten Free is the Way to Bee

So my doctor thinks I may have a gluten allergy and asked me to go on a wheat-free diet. This is tough, since I eat mostly vegetarian cuisine, and also because I'm super picky. Fortunately, I can (and would love to) live off of rice. I have to say that I had no idea that half the things I eat contain gluten, and it's definitely going to be a struggle. Hopefully after a few weeks I'll feel amazing and this will all be worth it. I have to say that my main food staples are fortunately still on the menu for me! This of course contains:


And...York Peppermint Patties
I almost always have some of these small guys around.

Some things I've picked up recently:
-Wheat-free pasta
- Rice noodles for Pad Thai
- Quinoa
- Cashews

Hopefully this will be a really positive change in my life and health and I'll benefit from this. Do you have any favorite gluten-free recipes or know of any good blogs?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh Hi Amazing Baby Names Part II: The Return of Baby Names

Thanks to the fabulous Kelly from Kelly's Korner, I was inspired to dredge up my Amazing Baby Names list. And after the baby name article that came out today, I'm thankful that I was never planning to use the names Isabella, Jacob or Edward. And I feel slightly bad for kids named Jacob these days because really, come elementary school your kid might be known as "that werewolf guy"

Anyway, you can read the Amazing Baby Name Post I here, or I can sum it up:

Avery Grace Bee

I honestly don't remember how we came up with Avery, but we love it and always refer to it when we think about our future daughter. Grace is my grandma's middle name and she's always told me she wished it was her first name. Luckily, I love the name Grace - can you really think of anyone less than stellar named Grace?

Jackson Bee

I'm kind of hoping my husband gets on board with the name Jackson Lawrence Bee, but we don't have an official middle name yet for future son. Lawrence is my dad's name, and I've always really liked it. Plus I'm a fan of official-sounding names, since my full name is actually a nickname.

I have a tough time with boy names - I've loved the name Jackson since high school and was fortunate it was my husband's fav name too, so, it's stuck. No takebacks.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Art Galas, Road Trips and New Books

Just a quick update - Mr. Bee and I attended the annual Art Alive Gala at the Museum of Art. We went last year and this year it was equally amazing. Local florists and garden clubs get to create their own floral interpretations of the museums artwork, plus San Diego restaurants cater, you get free cocktails, and of course, photo booth action. We made sure to take advantage of the photo booth.

One room had magnifying glasses - we had fun with those too.

I love how amazing the artwork looks against the red walls.

Last weekend, we took a roadtrip up to northern California, Lake Tahoe, and Reno. I'd never been there, and it was eye-opening to say the least. It was so nice to get away, and actually more fun than I'd thought to be in the middle of nowhere. 

I picked up a hat along the way - the sun is pretty harsh up there!

And my husband has been craving this Pendleton blazer for a while now. The bolo tie was my idea.

In all honesty, I slept 1/3 of the trip up there and I'm still recovering today, but it's so nice to realize that I actually left San Diego and went somewhere and wasn't totally sick, even though I'm paying for it. Fortunately I have tons of work to do, laundry to clean, and banjos to play. No boredom here.

OH - and I bought and immediately read the newest Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead in the Family. Ihave to say it's not as good as some of the others in her series, but I obviously enjoyed it enough to read it in two days. I can't wait for True Blood to start up again. I have a tough time deciding if I like Bill or Eric more - the books are definitely much different than the show.

I'm looking forward to my baby cousin's birthday party this weekend - it's luau-themed so I need to scour my closet to find something slightly Hawaiian. May be harder than it sounds!