Monday, December 6, 2010

Holler for Holiday Cards!

Have you ever tried getting a dog, two cats and a husband to look at the camera at the same time? Unless you've heavily sedated all of them, there's no way it'll happen. Which is why through the wonders of Photoshop and Shutterfly I was able to create my Christmas cards over the magic of the internet.

Shutterfly is currently running a promotion where they are giving bloggers 50 FREE holiday cards! Fortunately I saw this before I ordered my cards this week, so I wanted to pass the offer along to all of my other blog friends.

Our final holiday card:

I used them last year and was so stoked that I was able to create my cards and have them printed out at Target just hours later (since an ordeal with ANOTHER card vendor resulted in our heads being cut in half in all invitations.)

You can also use Shutterfly for:

  • Yearly calendars! Whose family wouldn't want 12 months of your dog dressed up in different holiday outfits?
  • Photo cards. I know that all of my friends will be excited when I send them cards featuring me, riding Falcor. Maybe I'll even add a birthday cake on the back of his tail, or a token candle on his head. 

So jump on the wagon and check out their promotion and holiday cards. I can't wait to get mine in the mail (and then get them out to you!)

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