Friday, November 12, 2010

Philanthropy Friday

I was so excited to get out of the house this week to go to my Junior League meeting AND my first Alpha Phi alumnae chapter meeting up here. It's been really cold lately, so turtlenecks are my BFF right now. Here's what I wore to my meeting:
Junior League

Junior League by KatherineBee featuring flats heels

I went to Starbucks for my alumnae event the following night, and NO ONE was there. Seriously, no one but the people behind the counter. When I called the event coordinator to find out if I was lost, she let me know it was the previous night. Had my faithful iPhone calendar failed me?! No, it was just a huge, blonde moment. I sheepishly went home and changed back into my PJs, Starbucks Chai in hand.

I have to say I've been excited for so many opportunities to wear my boots!

Today was the last official day at my old job and my orientation at my new job. The resort I'm working at is HUGE. Luckily, I think all the walking I did today helped me work off the amazing Thai food I ate tonight. Who knew pumpkin curry was so good?

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  1. That's such a bummer that you missed the meeting. I'm glad that you got your Starbucks though!