Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Help Me Choose a Car

I am going to be driving through this.

Car recommendations?

Toyota RAV4

Subaru Outback


  1. I used to drive a Subaru OUtback and I loved it. I drove it for 215,000 miles and only just traded it in for my Volvo. Truly a fabulous car!

  2. Sorry, I have no advice on cars. But, funny story...my mother just called me and said "I loved your blog post today. Did you read your comments? I LOVED Katherine's and agree with her." haha

  3. I have a RAV 4 and totally adore it. It's a lot roomier than people think. I think you will love either choice. I hear great things about the Outback as well....just not my cup of tea.

  4. Subarus have a great reputation! But they carry a heftier price tag. I almost bought the Rav4 two years ago, but went with a Hyundai Santa Fe on a last minute whim. I LOVE my Santa Fe! My mom bought a Rav4 this year, and she loves it too. Tough choice, but I'm sure they're both great cars! Have fun :)