Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap and Unicorn Costumes

Thank you all for the room advice! I had actually previously bought B and was feeling regretful when I wrote that post, so I'm really glad that everyone was on board with A (which I later went back and purchased). We've been busy painting the room which is actually really hard to do! We also got to go to a business networking breakfast on Friday where we were introduced to the Reno business market. I forgot how much time it takes to put together a good business outfit since my three weeks at home. Here was my attempt:

The rest of our weekend was busy running errands, going to a pink party and chasing critters out of our house. Within 10 hours, Mr. Bee successfully took care of:

1. A bird (No, the bird was not a stork)
2. A pincher bug
3. A ginormous black cricket
4. A dragonfly

All with me shrieking the entire time, holding Eleanor in the bedroom with me. So that's basically a quick re-cap of everything. I leave you with a ridiculously adorable baby Halloween costume from Pottery Barn Kids.

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