Friday, September 10, 2010

My Unofficial Birthday List

I've been putting it off forever - mostly because I don't need anything for my birthday (except food, our pantry is literally bare), and just want to have friends and family come visit. I have clothes, I live in a house, have a wonderful husband and animals, and I'm really just content. And I already have a banjo! Also, I'm turning 27. That's not even a fun birthday.

But my mom loves having a birthday list on my blog to go off of - so I'm doing this for her. Because it's her unbirthday, and she deserves presents too. So here's my out of control, random birthday list for Mama Bee.

I would love to find a similar TV cabinet to this one. I keep scouring Craigslist but haven't found a winner yet!

I'd also love to find a china cabinet for the dining room! 

Also on the hunt for a rug for under the kitchen table, near sink and stove and guest bathroom.

And paint for said kitchen table.

This is my fav fall Lilly dress.

Gift certificates: Amazon, Whole Foods, iTunes, Target

Love this sweater (cape?).

And this one too!

And I'm not saying where the sweaters are from...because you won't believe me.

This is my favorite comforter sheet set so far (for the guest room).
Sheets here

This is a Michael Kors watch - I really just loved that it was gold and chain-y. 

...I'm pulling at strings here....

Ellie wants a baby brother! Oh Ellie, you're already enough of a handful.

After my Junior League meeting the other night I stepped out into 48 degree weather and another girl laughed at how I am going to die this winter when I told her my winter wear was jeans, heels and a sweater. So apparently I need cold weather clothes, North Face (?) and Uggs. 

I am cold weather clueless. Don't Uggs get ruined in the snow? What cute shoes do you wear in winter? What the heck is North Face and did I get dragged into living in Antarctica? If so, I really hope to see penguins in my yard. 

Oh, I'd love to keep my job and continue telecommuting. That would be a great birthday gift!

And for my hairstylist to move out here!

And I'd really like world peace.



  1. Uggs are not good for the snow. But, great to pull on if you have to run to the store and the ground it dry.
    Hunter boots with the fleece socks keep you feet dry and really warm!

  2. You should invest in a good coat and gloves. That'll get you through the winter. I don't have any Uggs, but some good snow boots. They do the trick.

  3. 48?! i'd kill for something below was 99 today. NOT. FUN.