Thursday, September 16, 2010

KatherineBee: Furniture Painter

Well here is my first attempt at re-painting. Our table and chairs. When I started I was thinking, "Wow Katherine Bee, you are amazing. This looks professional. Maybe you'll quit your job and refinish furniture for a living. You should start a separate furniture blog because this is so amazing."

The finished product - well, it's white. You can still see in the table where my husband thought it was funny to write "Esse". And it's pretty rough. But here it is in all of it's glory.




I used a primer and then a flat paint (spray paint). I seriously can't feel my pointer finger. I'm not thrilled with how it all turned out. I'm planning on re-painting our bedroom set, and I'm not sure if I should use a roller this time. The spray paint took a long time and isn't totally even (but that makes it rustic, right)?

I didn't put a sealant on it and I'm thinking about going to the store and picking some up, but I'm not sure if that will make it shiny, which isn't what we're looking for. Has anyone re-painted their furniture before? How did it turn out? Any tips are appreciated!


  1. looks great! ...but if you don't put a sealer on it it will be a pain to keep clean and the paint will start chipping...lesson learned when I painted the kitchen cabinets. I didn't want a shiny look either, but found a point that gave the right protection and didn't look cheesy. you probably don't have to use the sealer on your bedroom furniture. I also use a small roller to get better coverage....good luck!

  2. I don't have any tips but I did it as a surprise to my fiance now husband and redid an old table of my Grandmother's! It is hard work! I will NEVER re-paint/finish another thing! I will pay for it. I had to sand and prime and paint...looks great but hard hard hard! Good for you for sticking with it and doing your bedroom!

  3. The table and chairs look super! I'd recommend using a sealer. It will make the table easier to clean and help the paint last longer. Maybe they have a low gloss sealant? Great job Katie!

    Love Mom2

  4. I think it looks great!!!

    I hope you have a great weekend-xo