Monday, September 13, 2010

House Decor and Happy Birthday to Me: A Long, Rambly Story

Weekend update:

This weekend my lovely mother-in-law (Mom #2 or Mom Squared) and Steve's Grandma came up to visit as an early birthday present! We went to some authentic Reno restaurants and got to show them around town. We mostly hung out in our backyard which is so peaceful and watched my dog be a nut outside. Eleanor is always entertainment.

Don't let her adorable good looks deceive you - she's crazy!

Mr. Bee and I share a malt at the local diner. Ok, I stole it...

I love our house. It is a work in progress. Sometimes I wonder why I spend so much time making a house pretty that I don't own. I like to feel home - I hate the temporary "we're living in a rental" feeling. We're definitely still unpacking and Candice Olsen isn't coming over any time soon, but I thought I'd be real for a moment and show it how it is.

Kitchen is coming along! Need some floor rugs.

Future music room/cat sanctuary

Family room - office

Our bedroom. Bought dust ruffle, new lampshades. Going to re-paint dressers and night stands.

Bedroom hallway shot (hi me!)

Guest room with Murphy bed. Used to be a nursery - we are re-painting the top a soft yellow and looking for sheets. 

Dining room - just bought a china hutch tonight, so all of those boxes should be gone tomorrow! Still looking for chairs.

So even though most of this is embarrassing, I'm excited to show everyone how the house turns out once we make it feel more our own. 

In two and a half hours I will turn 27 years old. I'll wake up like magic and be a year older. 26 was one of the hardest years of my life. Being sick and homebound, missing my friends and my old life, not being able to be there like I wanted to for my friends and family and then risking my job by moving to another state to be with my husband has all been overwhelming. But I made it (or will in just a few short hours) and I'm looking forward to growing from my experiences and be well enough to go on new adventures. 

Through it all I've had my family and Mr. Bee and I'm so incredibly grateful to my loved ones for helping me through the big 2-6. And even if this year is doomed, I take comfort in knowing I'll wake up in the morning with Ellie and Mr. Bee, my parents will call me at 7 to play the personalized Captain Zoom tape they've played for me every year, and just for tomorrow everything will be good.

Sorry again for having a case of the rambles. I just want to express that I love my life and feel so incredibly blessed for the love and support I've received over the years. So while I celebrate the fact that I've lived on this earth for 27 years, I'll really be celebrating all of the experiences I've had with everyone during this time.

Love you all and thanks for sticking with me!