Tuesday, August 24, 2010

T-Minus 3 Days till Reno Adventures

Hi my 100 friends!

I know you were thinking, "Wow! KatherineBee was blogging again and really seemed to be back in the game! Where the heck is she? Did I just get hosed?"

No, no you did not get hosed. I've been packing up my house, saying my last goodbyes to my friends and seeing my family, all in the middle of the only heat wave we've had in San Diego this summer. The official moving day is Friday, and my cable and internet will be up by Sunday, so I promise I'll be back in action soon! I'm slightly excited to show off my new digs and have fun decorating. Also plotting how to get out and meet people in the city since I'll be working from home. Until then, the sad photo that is my life.

Happy trails for now!


  1. I hate packing. I was so glad when I realized we can hang out at this townhouse for at least three years of hubs' law school. So excited to stay put! Can't wait to see your decorations.

  2. Hooray! Happy Travels! Let us know how it goes, I would love to chit chat sometime and catch up! <3

  3. So excited for you adventure. having just made a major move ourselves we can totally relate. to get out and meet people jake and i just talked to, well EVERYONE while we were out. of coarse you can force relationships but it helped not feeling so homesick and alone in a brand new city. i also joined meetup.com and went to a few meetups. not all were successful but it was good to "get in the game" haha : )

  4. Good luck with the move today! I'll be thinking about you. Also, I awarded you a very special prize over on my blog. Aren't you awesome?!