Friday, July 30, 2010


Catch your attention? For cereal. I'm moving here:

Just so everyone knows, I don't plan on living under the sign, but you get the idea. As of the end of August, Mr. Bee and I will be moving the furry family out to Reno, Nevada while he completes a one-year judicial clerkship at the courthouse.

More details to come soon, but had to get it off my chest. I think this move will provide some amazing blog material, and we all know my blogging has been lacking at best lately.


  1. i bet the hubs gets some seriously interesting stories from the courthouse in reno =)

  2. Wow, that's so exciting! A new city with new adventures and husband's exciting position. Can't wait to hear about it!

  3. Wow! That certainly is an exciting move! Is Reno 911 still taping???

  4. DSH - Most definitely! I have a friend who just interned up in Reno and had some very interesting stories.

    Jessica - We're getting excited! I'll definitely have a lot of new content.

    MCW - Thanks! A friend told me that Reno 911 is exactly like what living in Reno is like, so I've been watching the show for research. It's pretty frightening.

  5. Welcome to the neighborhood! While I'm not in Reno I'm only about 2 hours away. If you need a blogging friend, I'm here!

  6. Thanks! I'm definitely intimidated by jumping into the social scene over there because I literally don't know anyone. There's a sorority alumnae chapter I'll definitely join, so hopefully that'll help too!