Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh Hi Amazing Baby Names Part II: The Return of Baby Names

Thanks to the fabulous Kelly from Kelly's Korner, I was inspired to dredge up my Amazing Baby Names list. And after the baby name article that came out today, I'm thankful that I was never planning to use the names Isabella, Jacob or Edward. And I feel slightly bad for kids named Jacob these days because really, come elementary school your kid might be known as "that werewolf guy"

Anyway, you can read the Amazing Baby Name Post I here, or I can sum it up:

Avery Grace Bee

I honestly don't remember how we came up with Avery, but we love it and always refer to it when we think about our future daughter. Grace is my grandma's middle name and she's always told me she wished it was her first name. Luckily, I love the name Grace - can you really think of anyone less than stellar named Grace?

Jackson Bee

I'm kind of hoping my husband gets on board with the name Jackson Lawrence Bee, but we don't have an official middle name yet for future son. Lawrence is my dad's name, and I've always really liked it. Plus I'm a fan of official-sounding names, since my full name is actually a nickname.

I have a tough time with boy names - I've loved the name Jackson since high school and was fortunate it was my husband's fav name too, so, it's stuck. No takebacks.


  1. Avery Grace is SUCH a cute name!

    And I totally get the idea of "claiming" baby names. It's serious business!

  2. I love Avery! I'm a photographer and the first time I heard that name was from a couple who wanted some maternity pics done about a year ago. I think it's going to gain some popularity! :)

  3. One of my friend has the cutest daughter named Avery and they call her Ava for short. I absolutely love the name, esp when you add Grace to it!

  4. DH and I "claimed" Avery too! Love that name!

  5. such cute names!!! i have NOOOO clue about boy names...but i've totally already named our first girl.

  6. Lawrence is my dad's middle name!
    Cute names :)

  7. LOVE the names. I have such a hard time with boy names too. Jackson is actually a name that we both agreed on before even getting married. Maybe one day we will both have cute little Jacksons running around. :)

  8. I'm holding out for Jackson Matisyahu Bee, or Jackson Edmond Bee.

    Mrs. Bee would be wise to get me utterly sloshed the day our son is born and trick me into signing whatever nonsensical frippery she puts on the birth certificate.

  9. I love Avery for a boy, it's so charming!

  10. this is so funny when we make a search in order to find a real name for a baby, some thing that it would be different but at the same time a known name that everybody can know about him.

  11. Nice baby name list. Thanks for the sharing.